We have renowned writers ready to work on your story and providing you with the best of writing, editing & publishing solutions.  Our publishing extends over various platforms to get a larger audience group to read your story.

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What makes Ebook Writing Services stand apart?

The collection of niche-specific writers is what sets apart Ebook Writing Services. Whether you need a book written for the amazing idea that just sprang up in your mind about a dystopian world, or you are a businessman looking to get your expertise translate further into other budding business-minded enthusiasts, or you are onto the way for personal branding, Ebook Writing Services will meet and exceed all your needs.

Our Comprehensive Writing Services Include

Take your writing project to a whole new level with Ebookwriting services.


Got a Dream Book You Haven’t Written Yet?

Let’s Turn Your Dream into Reality

Writing a book, beyond the first few pages is quite a feat. Let us help you in achieving every milestone there is in having a book written to your name. Throw us your brilliant ideas and we promise to make a beautiful literary constellation out of it.

Writers’ Profile

With over a decade of experience in the field of content creation, you can rely on our experts for all your writing needs.


Professionalism | Competence | Timeliness

We have a complete set of solutions when it comes to book development. Not only do we provide a roadmap to your book success, but we stay with you as your aide in every step of the way. Ebook Writing Services offers you help From Industry Masters. We are the ultimate book solutions provider for all your needs.

Bestselling Writers and Editors

Our team includes talented editors and writers who have achieved bestselling results across multiple genres.

Big-5 Editorial Team

Our Senior and Executive Editors are former acquisitions editors from Big-5 publishing houses.

Publishing Navigation

We work directly with the industry’s top publishers, hybrid presses, and marketing professionals.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a ghostwriter?

      A ghostwriter writes anything without using their name. The work completed will be the client’s, for all intents and purposes.

    • How is the process of ghostwriting?

      The ghostwriter takes your short interview, after which an outline is formed, either you can create that outline, or our ghostwriters create it for you. After the outline is approved, you get weekly drafts for chapters. You can review and suggest changes to the draft until the book is completed.

    • Will I have issues with the ghostwriter stealing my idea or the writing?

      The writing done under your name is protected under the intellectual copyrights once you sign a ghostwriting contract with us. The ghostwriter will have no right to it whatsoever.

    • What kind of editing services do you offer?

      The kind that your manuscript needs. Our editors will review and critique your manuscript based on industry related specificities. They will then send you the editorial letter outlining the services you need. It could be copy editing, line by line editing, developmental editing or structural one.

    • Will I have the full ownership and rights to the book after you publish it?

      You will have complete ownership of your book, Ebook Writing Services will not hold any claim to its content, design, or anything therein.

    • What are the complementary services you offer alongside publishing?

      We provide the services of book trailer alongside publishing, because the book needs to be marketed before it can garner the attention of the targeted audience. We also build a marketing strategy for you to get into the limelight.


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    We provide a skilled staff to help you get the most out of your Writing. Our qualified and dependable Writing Consultants can assist you in obtaining a favorable results for your book publication.