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Turn your concept for a memoir, non-fiction, fiction, fantasy or a self-help into a full-blown reality.

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Exceptional Ghostwriting Services

A Professional Platform Driven With Utmost Creativity.


With a vision to spread quality information dipped in the shades of creativity, we pour our love in every aspect of our work. With compelling sentence structures and easy-to-grasp writing style, we compose content that garners attention and entices the readers.


The moment you turn on to reading the very first page of your book you will be taken to another world. Our professional ghostwriters for hire make the reader feel every emotion while indulging him into the incident like he is a part of it too. You get to build a strong connectivity with each character.

World-Class Ghostwriting Team

Work with the industry’s top writers, editors, and publishing strategists. Our team approach gives you the best chance for success.

Personalized Strategic Approach

Our process begins with extensive publishing strategy sessions to ensure we develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Refined Process

Enjoy the efficiency and dependability of a professionally managed ghostwriting process.

Bestselling Ghostwriters

Our team includes #1 New York Times-bestselling ghostwriters and award-winning authors for almost any genre.

Ghostwriting Services by Genre

Memoir & Autobiography

Work with writers who can develop the moments of your life into a page-turning book.

Self-Help Books

Share your expertise or life lessons with a powerful book.

Business Books

Establish yourself as a thought leader or enjoy the ROI that a book can generate for your business.


Our team of bestselling novelists and award-winning writers can turn your creative concept into a publish-worthy manuscript.


Work with an experienced book-writing team that knows how to break out big nonfiction titles.

Article Writing

Make yourself visible and expand your authority with articles, blog posts, and SEO content.

Children’s Books

Work with New York Times #1-bestselling children’s book authors to transform your idea into its final form.

Got a Dream Book You Haven’t Written Yet?

Let’s Turn Your Dream into Reality

Writing a book, beyond the first few pages is quite a feat. Let us help you in achieving every milestone there is in having a book written to your name. Throw us your brilliant ideas and we promise to make a beautiful literary constellation out of it.

Ebook Writing Services Ghostwriting Process

We will carefully customize our ghostwriting process to meet your specific needs and publishing goals. The process below describes a typical ghostwriting approach.


Discovery Calls

Before any commitments are made or contracts are signed, we take the time to get to know you, your book, and your publishing goals. We provide free consultation about the publishing industry and discuss the optimal strategy for writing and publishing your book.



We want to learn all we can about you, your book idea, your existing platform, and your target audience. Our detailed questionnaire will help you think through your book concept and provide us with important details.


Meet Your Writing Team

Turning a book idea into a publication-ready manuscript takes more than just a single ghostwriter. For every project, we put together a team of writing experts who will see your project through from start to finish:

Senior Editor
Final Editor


Preliminary Research and Preparation

We’ll review all available drafts, articles, notes, outlines, and other relevant materials in preparation for the Strategy Sessions.


Strategy Sessions—Planning and Outlining

Intensive in-person or virtual planning and strategy sessions to plan and outline your book. These are typically multi-day sessions at one of our offices (in NYC, LA, or Nashville), or we can fly the team to your location.


Publishing Strategy Discussion

Discuss your book with Ebook Writing Services to determine the best publishing strategy to meet your goals.


Developing the Draft

Your writer will write your manuscript one section at a time. With each draft, you’ll have the opportunity to make revisions and suggestions.


Ongoing Review

Throughout the writing process, your senior editor will review your manuscript and offer their feedback. These rounds of review occur in four phases:


Beta Reader Review**

We utilize a beta reader service in which 20+ impartial readers within your target demographic review your manuscript and provide detailed feedback. We’ll make revisions based on data gathered from reviews.


Finalize the Draft

Your senior editor will meet with your team to ensure all parties are satisfied with the draft and approve it for final editing.


Final Edit

An additional editor who has no knowledge of the project will perform a “cold read,” editing the text for grammar and providing a final round of analysis and consultation.


Final Review

With the completion of the editing phase, your senior editor will discuss the project with you and provide his or her final approval of your manuscript. At this point, your manuscript is considered complete and is ready for the publishing phase.


Query Letter and Targeting Agents

We’ll provide you with a custom-written query letter and assist you with targeting agents. We can also develop a full book proposal upon request.



Our service includes two years of publishing consultation to assist you in securing a publisher or advise you on self-publishing options.


What Do Our Clients
Say About Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a ghostwriter?

    A ghostwriter writes anything without using their name. The work completed will be the client’s, for all intents and purposes.

  • How is the process of ghostwriting?

    The ghostwriter takes your short interview, after which an outline is formed, either you can create that outline, or our ghostwriters create it for you. After the outline is approved, you get weekly drafts for chapters. You can review and suggest changes to the draft until the book is completed.

  • Will I have issues with the ghostwriter stealing my idea or the writing?

    The writing done under your name is protected under the intellectual copyrights once you sign a ghostwriting contract with us. The ghostwriter will have no right to it whatsoever.

  • What kind of editing services do you offer?

    The kind that your manuscript needs. Our editors will review and critique your manuscript based on industry related specificities. They will then send you the editorial letter outlining the services you need. It could be copy editing, line by line editing, developmental editing or structural one.

  • Will I have the full ownership and rights to the book after you publish it?

    You will have complete ownership of your book, Ebook Writing Services will not hold any claim to its content, design, or anything therein.

  • What are the complementary services you offer alongside publishing?

    We provide the services of book trailer alongside publishing, because the book needs to be marketed before it can garner the attention of the targeted audience. We also build a marketing strategy for you to get into the limelight.

Know Us Better

Feel free to contact us regarding any queries or questions that you may have.

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